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avast anti theft

What if you lose your mobile? Have you ever thought about it? Just imagine someone steal your mobile. Not just the cost of your mobile think about the data in it. Your photo gallery, contacts, messages and all other private data are in danger. And what about accounts you are already signed in?

I’m writing this not to make you afraid, but make you aware about precautions you can take to avoid a such incident. Anti-Theft by AVAST is a free android app that you can use to secure your mobile. Here are some interesting features of this app,

  • control mobile remotely – control your mobile remotely using web based interface or sms command.
  • track the location of mobile – get the current location of the mobile by sending a command remotely.
  • remote locking – mobile can be locked remotely using web interface or sms.
  • SIM change tracking – a sms notification is sent to some predefined friends’ mobiles if sim of the mobile changed. This message includes the mobile number of the new sim.¬† Then you can know who is using the mobile now.
  • siren – send a command to activate a siren in the mobile. This is a useful feature to find your mobile if it’s nearby. Also this can be used if you forget where you kept the mobile at home.
  • app is hidden – once installed this app is not visible in the app list. Therefore anyone don’t know even this app is installed in the mobile.

You can download this app from Google Play for free. You have to set a PIN and setup a web account that can use to control your mobile. Once you have restarted your mobile this app will be hidden from the app list. Dial your AVAST Anti-theft PIN from your mobile to get the settings. Simply you just have to take a call to your PIN.

All remote control commands are available on the official website.

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