Track google adsense check without DHL Tracking Number

Google Adsense is one of the most popular advertising networks on the web. Most of the websites on the web use adsense as their advertisement provider. Secured Express Delivery is one of the payment methods of adsense. If you use DHL as your Secured Express Delivery provider you can track the check in all it’s […]


Delete wordpress post revisions to reduce the db size

When you edit wordpress posts it automatically creates revision of the post. This is useful if you wanted to rollback to a previous version of the post. But a problem with this is it creates a record in database each time. This means it increases your database size. This won’t be a much issue for […]


Feedwordpress – Displaying attached images


Feedwordrpress is a wordpress plugin that syndicates content from RSS feeds to your blog. This is one of the best wordpress plugin if you wish to create an auto blog. Normally Feedwordpress syndicates images within feeds. But some feeds provide images as attachments of the feed. These images are not shown in the posts created […]


Work from Home – vWorker

Update: On the 19th of November 2012, Freelancer acquired vWorker. Do you have any Data Entry, Graphic Design, Web development, Software developing or any other computer & Internet skills? If your answer is YES there is a way you can get a good income from your talents. know as is a website providing a […]


Oracle 10g XE – Creating scott schema & default tables


There is no Oracle default scott schema or default tables like emp,dept,bonus,salgarde in Oracle 10g XE. Here is a easy step by step by guide to create it. 1) Download & install Oracle 10g XE. 2) Go to Start > All Programs > Oracle Database 10g Express Edition > Go To Database Home Page 3) […]


Free Web Hosting without ads

There are many Free Web Hosting providers in the web. Among them I found that is a website providing a better service. It has many features such as, 1500 MB of Disk Space 100 GB Bandwidth Free Subdomain or Your own domain hosting cPanel Control panel Website Builder Over 500 website templates ready for […]


Cost per Day Advertising – Project Wonderful

Update: Recently I stopped using Project Wonderful as they still do not have any alternative payment method. I had used AdSense in most of my websites. But revenue from new websites were not much satisfying . Also I had a problem that some of them were not rich with keywords for ads. For an example […]


Check WordPress plug-ins after updating them

Whenever you update a plug-in in your WordPress blog, visit the plug-in settings page after you update the plug-in. Because there may be new options in the plug-in. If you don’t check the plug-ins setting page after you update, you will lose many new features of the plugin. So best thing is to go to […]



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