Protect your mobile with Anti Theft from AVAST

avast anti theft

What if you lose your mobile? Have you ever thought about it? Just imagine someone steal your mobile. Not just the cost of your mobile think about the data in it. Your photo gallery, contacts, messages and all other private data are in danger. And what about accounts you are already signed in? I’m writing […]


Control laptop with motion – HP leap motion laptop

hp leap motion

Hope you have already used or at least seen smart TVs controlled by motion. It’s time to experience the same with laptop. HP has introduced a motion controlled laptop. This model is named as Envy 17 Leap Motion. According to HP this is the first leap motion control enabled laptop. Here is a demo to […]


Keep notes easily with Google Keep

sticky notes

How do you keep your day to day notes like TODO lists, web addresses or other small notes that you need to remember? Some people use sticky notes for this. Sometime you may be using text files. But managing them is not quite easy isn’t it? Google has created a simple but useful tool that […]


3 easy steps that can make your wordpress login secure

wordpress login

Here are some simple steps you can take to secure your WordPress login from hackers. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS(Content Management System) currently on the internet. Currently WordPress is used for thousands of websites around the world. A common problem faced by most WordPress site owners is attacks by hackers. Here are […]


LG G Flex – self healing mobile

lg g flex

Are you worried about scratches on your mobile? Check the latest G Flex mobile from LG with a self healing body. Also this mobile has a curve shaped body which is flexible. Watch the following video for a full demo. You can find full phone specification from gsm arena.


Facebook introduces new like button

facebook new like button

If you have website with facebook like buttons you might have noticed new a design of facebook like button. With this update Facebook Send button is replaced with Share button. Good news is that there is no code modification to to be done on existing like button. This new design will be available on all websites […]


Speed up your site with MaxCDN


Google has already announced that web site speed is one of the ranking factors in their ranking algorithm. Therefore all webmasters are trying to improve their web site loading speed as much as possible. Using a CDN(Content Delivery Network) is one method that you can use to reduce your website loading time. Simply what a […]


Setting a cron job to visit a url

advanced tab on cpanel

Cron jobs help to run a script on a given interval. You can set a cron job to visit a web page on a given time.  This article explains how to create a cron job easily in cpanel. First log in to cpanel and click the cron jobs button. In most cpanels this is in […]


Godaddy Christamas 2012 offers

Godaddy has many offers for this Christmas season. Here are some offers for you.


How to send email from XAMPP

Default configuration of XAMPP do not allow to send emails through localhost. Here is the configuration for XAMPP to send email using a gmail account. First you need to upgrade sendmail to the latest version. go to and download backup files in xampp/sendmail/ directory. delete all files in xampp/sendmail/ directory. copy the downloaded […]



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