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Update: Recently I stopped using Project Wonderful as they still do not have any alternative payment method.

I had used AdSense in most of my websites. But revenue from new websites were not much satisfying . Also I had a problem that some of them were not rich with keywords for ads. For an example my website Cute sms Zone is a collection of sms. When I used AdSense in Cute sms Zone, ads displayed there were not always about sms. So I had to go for an another advertising option.

When I was looking for a new advertising company I got through Project Wonderful which provides ads on ‘Cost per Day’ basis. I just registered a account there & added some ads in my websites. After few days I felt really happy about their service. Revenue was better than I got from AdSense. So now I have used them in most of my sites.

Bidding Process

Project Wonderful ads are placed by a bidding process. Advertisers have to bid for ad space. They can set a maximum amount they wish to bid on the Ad space. Always higher bidder’s ad is displayed in the ad space. For an example if the current bid of an Ad space is $0.05 per day, an Advertiser has to bid there for $0.06 to get the Ad space. But if the previous bidder had set his maximum bid to $0.1 the value of the ad space will be changed to $0.7 & previous ad will be still there.

So the advertiser have to bid for a higher amount if he wish to get the ad space. This system makes profitable for both Advertisers & the Publishers.

Advantages for Publishers

In this Ad system Publisher has a good control on his Ad Spaces. Publisher have an option to manually accepts ads. So each ad has to be approved by the Publisher. So publisher can decide which ads to be displayed in the site. This a great feature for those who wish to have a control on the ads displayed in their website. But most of the Publishers use Auto Approve option as it’s the easiest method.

Publisher can set a minimum bid for Ad Spaces. So Advertisers have to bid over that amount. Otherwise no ad is displayed. This ensures the minimum revenue for an Ad Space per day.

Another cool option in Project Wonderful ads is Publisher has an option to set ads to be opened in a new window. So the visitors are not gone away from the site. This is a nice feature that most of the Advertising Companies don’t provide.

Project Wonderful provides an option to add a text link with the ad saying “You Ad could be here right now”. This is very helpful to gain more Advertisers for your site.

Minimum payment amount of the Project Wonderful is $10. This is a very low amount. So Publishers can get paid whenever they have earned $10 .

Advantages for Advertisers

In Cost Per Day(CPC) advertising method Advertisers has to pay for each click. This amount is vary on the site & price they set when they create the ad. But in this Cost Per Day Advertising method Advertiser don’t have to pay for clicks. Payment is only for the day. So Advertisers can get more clicks for a small fee (but this is not happened at all the times).

Project Wonderful provides facilities for advertisers to schedule ads. So advertisers can select the time that bidding should be stated. Also Advertisers can define the maximum amount they wish to spend in an Ad box.

Some Disadvantages

Major disadvantage in Project Wonderful is that they provide only PayPal as a payment option.

Websites with lower hits get only few Project Wonderful ads (sometimes none) as most of the ads are placed manually. Also the bids placed in those sites are low.

Finally I think Publishers who own sites with higher hits should try Project Wonderful ads even for a short time. So they can know which ad type brings them more revenue. But I think sites with lower hits won’t get much advantage from Project Wonderful ads. AdSense will be better than Project Wonderful ads for those sites. Anyone can try both together & test which is better. Project Wonderful has no restriction to use other ads with Project Wonderful ads.

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